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Dry Mouth Remedy: 8 Simple Cures

dry mouth remedy

Finding a dry mouth remedy is important if you suffer from this annoying condition.

Whether you are a mouth breather and have a dry mouth at night, or are all dried out from medications, a cure for dry mouth will provide welcome relief.

What causes dry mouth?

Radiation therapy or chemotherapy

Age and menopause

Caffeine and alcohol

Prescription and non prescription medicines

Mouth breathing


8 Ways to Cure Dry Mouth

1. Stay Hydrated A good starting point is simply to drink more water.  Take your weight divide by 2 and drink that many ounces.  If you weigh 120 you should drink 60 ounces each day.   

2. Oil Pulling is the latest trend for improving many oral conditions.  It is being called a detox for your mouth.  Though unproven, it does seem like a good way to moisten your dry mouth before going to bed at night.  This article from the Toronto Star explains more about this "new" yet ancient remedy

3. Change medication  Ask your physician first about changing to another medication that could have fewer side effects.

4. Chew sugarless gum or use sugarless mints

5. Use a humidifier at night.

6. Apply vaseline to your gum line Gums that get dried out night after night from mouth breathing are constantly inflamed and unhealthy.  Applying vasaline to your front gum line the lip and palate side after brushing and flossing will help mouth breathers prevent gingivitis.

7. Use Biotene products Biotene Dry Mouth FluorideToothpaste and Biotene mouthwash is made just for a dry mouth. Biotene contains salivary enzymes. Biotene also makes a dry mouth spray and dry mouth chewing gum.

8. Avoid caffeine and alcohol If you love your caffienated drinks and an occasional adult beverage, be sure to wash them down with a big glass of water.

Home Remedies For Dry Mouth

Why does it matter?

A dry mouth is unhealthy for your teeth and gums and makes cavities and gum disease more likely.

Dry mouth can cause: A metalic taste, getting mouth sores easier, bad breath, dry cracked lips, or inflamed sore gums in the front of the mouth that bleed easily when brushed or flossed.

If you suffer from severe dry mouth you could even have trouble chewing, speaking or swallowing. Even one of these symptoms makes finding a dry mouth remedy important for you.

Saliva is sometimes called the bloodstream of the mouth because it helps in many ways to keep  teeth, tongue, and gums healthy.

What Saliva does for you...

Prevents decay by remineralizing and strengthening your enamel. Saliva replaces calcium and phosphorus on your tooth surfaces.

Lubricates and protects your fragile mouth tissues. Mouths were not meant to be dry and need constant lubrication from your salivary glands.

Helps with digestion. Saliva contains the digestive enzyme amylase. Amylase breaks starches down into simple sugars. The first step in digestion.

Proactive prevention

Since we know dry mouth puts you at a higher risk for cavities and gingivitis, being proactive rather than reactive is best.

Use a prescription strength fluoride gel or rinse to prevent cavities and take good care of your gums by removing all plaque each night.  Prevident 5000 is my favorite fluoride supplement.

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Source:  American Dental Association's website. 

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