Dry socket diagnosed, but what to do with this smell??

by Maggie
(USA )

I went to my dentist yesterday & was diagnosed as having a dry socket. He cleaned it out with the syringe thingy and mouthwash & then prescribed more mouthwash. If food gets in it again what should I do? Any home remedy?


Hi Maggie, Hopefully your dentist gave you instructions that you should follow so the dry socket will heal quickly.

Some surgeons and dentists provide a small syringe for you to gently rinse out food that gets stuck. Those come in handy as it takes a few weeks for the extraction site to completely heal. I would suggest calling your dentist to see if you can get one of those if you don't have one already and if (and when) it is ok to use considering you had a dry socket.

It can be annoying for a week or 2 until the tissue heals.

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