Ear Ache After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

by Tonya C
(Midland Mi)

I had an extraction of a lower molar and I have an earache starting and seems to be getting a little worse...it is on same side of extraction? I can stand the pain but wondering if this can be normal. The dentist said it was a difficult extraction. Any feedback? Thanks!


Hi Tonya,

I'm sorry your ear is hurting. Though a tooth extraction doesn't directly cause ear pain there could be a connection.

You mentioned it was a difficult extraction which means your jaw joint may have been strained a bit from you having to open extra wide for an extended period of time or from the pressure needed to remove the tooth.

The TMJ or temporo-mandibular joint is like a hinge that connects your lower jaw to your skull. Because it moves side to side and up and down and gets a lot of use, this joint can easily be strained. The TMJ is located just in front of the ear. In addition to jaw pain and headaches, TMJ symptoms include ringing of ears, ear pain and dizziness.

Side effects from tooth extractions include sore jaw (TMJ) joints, headache and ear pain. This pain should steadily improve and recover completely.

There is always a chance that you coincidentaly have a separate issue with your ear that would need a physicians attention.

Since I can only give you general information I would encourage you to call the dentist or surgeon who did the extraction as they are very familiar with your case.

It should be no trouble at all for them to answer your questions and recommend medications if needed and would make you feel better.

After care such as a follow up visit to check how the site is healing and being available to answer your questions is typically included in the fee for the extraction.

I hope you feel better soon:)

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Feb 14, 2017
Ear Ache After Wisdom Tooth Extraction NEW
by: Alam

I have same problem. I have prolonged wisdom tooth extraction 1 year ago beside my one front tooth numbness, there is another issue, i am suffering from earache after 6 month of extraction then i went to same dentist and she gave me teeth over to use it at sleeping time and i am using this one last 4 months but there is no improvement in earache, i am still suffering. is it normal after 1 year of extraction? please suggest me right treatment or remedy that can help me to get rid of this problem ...i am so disappointed ..thanks

Jan 15, 2017
by: Shelly

Hello, I'm so sorry you are having these issues. It's hard enough to have teeth extracted and deal with the normal recovery and pain management.

Your jaw was most likely strained during the extractions. It is not unusual for this to happen especially if the procedure was difficult or prolonged as you mentioned. It doesn't mean your dentist did anything wrong.

Sometimes a strained TMJ - temporomandibular joint, can cause ear pain because it is so close to the inner ear. This is one possible complication of a tooth extraction.

There are some way so decrease the inflammation of your TMJ. Sometimes anti inflammatory meds are prescribed in addition to resting the jaw as much as possible. - try to avoid opening wide and chewing very hard food if possible. Things that strain your jaw joint should be avoided. Foods like big sandwiches that make you open wide or crusty bread that make you chew. Don't chew gum until your jaw feels better.

Sometimes physical therapy is recommended for chronic jaw pain.

You should see your dentist or surgeon for a follow up visit. He or she can help with these issues and recommend meds and a treatment plan that will help your jaw joint recover.

Thanks for writing,

Jan 15, 2017
your advice please
by: Anonymous

i have prolonged wisdom tooth extraction 2 weeks ago beside my chin numbness i have another issue , i suffer from pain while eating and severe earache after eating specially hard food ...is this normal after 2 weeks .is this pain will go away or presist any treatment or remdy can help me ...iam so disappointed ..many thanks

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