How to Get Rid of Extra Gum Tissue

Natalie is concerned about her gums being too bulky or swollen around her front teeth.  

To treat this correctly it is important to know how long her gums have been this way and what is causing the swelling.

Natalie asks:

I have two small flaps of gum around my two front teeth. looks like the papillae are swollen. How can I reduce?

My reply

Hi Natalie, Is this something that you have just noticed? Are you sure it was not there before?

Gum inflamation (gingivitis) can occur suddenly. 

If the gum is inflamed it will be much easier to treat.

But, if your gums have been this way for awhile, it may require a dentist's or periodontist's attention.

Start with basic home remedies

Try gently but thoroughly cleaning the area including the tooth surface near the gum and between the tooth and gum. 

Brush the gum line using a circular motion with the toothbrush bristles pressed inward and upward (or downward for lower teeth) toward the gum. The bristles should extend slightly under the gum. 

How to get rid of extra gum tissue

Floss, being sure that the floss wraps around the tooth and slides between the tooth and gum without cutting into the gum. 

Rinse with Listerine after brushing and flossing the area.

If your gums are too sore to brush and floss, try this gradual method for treating gingivitis.  

Possible causes

Gum inflammation around the front teeth is sometimes caused by mouth breathing at night.

If your gums dry out during the night they get irritated, swollen and bleed easily.

Try putting some vaseline on your gums before going to bed if you think they may be getting too dry during the night.

This article explains more about the causes and effects of dry mouth.

Some medications can cause gum swelling.

Your gums could be sensitive to the products that you are using.

When to see your dentist

If you can't get the gum swelling to go down, you may need additional treatment.

If you don't notice any improvement after a few days of following this routine or if your gums are too sore to touch, brush or floss, see your dentist for a more specific recommendation.

Thanks for writing and good luck,

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