First extraction worries

by RyanB

It's my first time having a tooth out I had it done just over two days ago and the area has white around it and is black in the middle and has a dip to it, it makes stuff taste vial and smells horrible and it still hurts a bit as it was a huge root to the tooth the sides of my gum hurt as well I've kept it from becoming a dry socket by keeping well hydrated and tried my best to not irritate it but I am a smoker any advice?


Hi Ryan, you should not worry too much about how it looks or the fact that it has a dip to it. It will take quite awhile for the area to heal completely and you will have to rinse it to keep food from settling there. You have should be to the point where you can gently swish some mouthwash. Eventually you may want to use and irrigation syringe to keep food cleaned out. Follow your dentists instructions on this and call him or her if you are unsure. Hopefully the pain is manageable and gradually improving. The less you smoke the faster it will heal.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for writing ,

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