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Who should use fluoride free toothpaste?

Looking for fluoride free toothpaste? You can find it, but are you sure you want to?

Fluoride has been shown to improve dental health by decreasing the decay rate of kids and adults.

While kid's teeth are forming, fluoride is even more important.

Kids or adults who have a little sugar in their diet or forget to brush now and then should have fluoride in their toothpaste.

Is fluoride good or bad?

There are only a few things we can do to prevent tooth decay...

1. Brush and floss or use a floss alternative.

2. Avoid sugar in your diet, especially sugar in drinks like sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, even fruit juices.

3. Use a fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash and drink water that is fluoridated at the proper level.

4. Stay hydrated to avoid dry mouth.

fluoride free toothpaste

Your genetics have a role in tooth decay rate. That doesn't mean you have to have "bad teeth" just because your parents did.

Bad genetics can be minimized...why not do what you can to strengthen your enamel and prevent cavities?

Is Fluoride good or bad?

There is a lot of talk about fluoride these days, like many things it can be over used, too much of it is not good but fluoride at the proper level, has greatly improved dental health.

Before you buy into a fluoride conspiracy theory, invest in fluoride water filters, or decide to go with a non fluoride toothpaste take a minute to review the benefits of fluoride.   Next, read the ADA's article on Fluoride.

These are some good fluoride free toothpastes:

  • Burt's Bees Natural Toothpaste
  • The Natural Dentist Healthy Teeth and Gums
  • Dr. Ken's Toothpaste
  • Tom's of Maine Natural Toothpaste for Children

If you inherited decay-resistant enamel, have a diet low in sugar, and very good brushing and flossing habits you will probably be ok using one of those brands.

Children under age three and just learning to brush without eating the toothpaste should use a training no fluoride toothpaste.

For the rest of us...take all the help you can get and don't skip the fluoride:

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