Foul breath and Taste

by Brenna
(Statesboro Ga)

I had 8 teeth pulled on Wednesday 4/5/2017. 4 of witch are my wisdom teeth. I'm not feeling any pain but there is an aweful smell and taste coming from my mouth. I've been taking antibotics since the operation and using the medicated mouthwash that he also give. I've been rinising with warm sea salt water. It helps for only a few minutes then the smell and taste is back. It's not just me that smells it my husband say he can smell it as well. Any ideas on why to do. In going to call the surgon when they open back up but what can I do untill then.


Hi Brenna, I'm sorry you are having this problem. Hopefully the surgeon will be able to help you. Bad breath after an extraction can be a sign of a dry socket, you didn't mention that you are having pain so hopefully that is not the case. I wonder if all the medication and mouthwash are drying your mouth. Dry mouth can definitely have a bad odor. Maybe drinking more water will help and /or adding Biotene mouthwash in addition to the one your surgeon prescribed. Some mouth odor comes from the tongue. If your tongue has a white coating you need to brush it. Most likely it is a combination of the above and hopefully not a dry socket. I hope you can resolve it soon.

Thanks for writing,

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