Full Mouth Dental Implant Needed

by Tom
(Winter Park, Fl. 32792)

My teeth have been decaying and now missing for a long time. Crowns have come off and only stubs are left. I've been to the Health Clinics but they say that my combined income is too much. $42,000 or less. However, I have bills over $50K. I'm 73 and on SS and never make it to the end of the month. I have to always skrimp for money for food.

I need to find a support system that will be able to give me a complete dental implant without spending any money or a lot of money. I'm in debt consolidation mode currently therefore, my credit is not that good, about 627. If I had the money, I would have kept my teeth maintained all along. It just didn't and doesn't work that way.

I live in Winter Park, Fl. I'm afraid that if I start getting a toothache I won't have any money to fix it. I am in a real dilemma and need help.

Hi Tom,
I'm sorry you are having this issue. I wonder if there is a dental school near you? Dental schools have much lower fees, provide high quality dentistry that is supervised by experienced instructors and may be a good option for you.

Implants are very expensive. There may be a more affordable way to improve your situation.

Wishing you much success as you pursue affordable care.

Thanks for writing,

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