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Glide Dental Floss vs Woven Floss

Glide dental floss has been a favorite brand  for many years.  Many of my clients and  some of my co-workers love this product.  But is it the best dental floss to use?

I loved it too.  Until one day I was using glide after putting disclosing solution on one of my patient's teeth and I noticed the plaque wasn't coming off….Hmmm. 

Not good.

If you  go to all the trouble of flossing you want to remove plaque…right?

Disclosing solution is the red dye that is used as an education tool to show where there is plaque.

It comes in two varieties…

chewable pills called red-cote tablets or a small bottle of liquid that can be applied with a Q-tip.

These products are not used often because they're messy.  

The dye turns the entire mouth bright pink and areas where there is plaque even brighter pink.

Though it is eye opening  to see areas of plaque that are missed, not everyone appreciates leaving their dental appointment with a bright pink mouth.

What a surprise...

glide dental floss

After pointing out  the bright pink stained plaque to my client, I moved on to the next part of the demo…showing how to remove  plaque with a toothbrush and floss.

While flossing away with  Glide  I noticed the plaque wasn't budging.  Glide slid right over the bright pink stained plaque.  

Now I was the one getting my eyes opened!

If Glide does that when the plaque is stained I think it is safe to assume it slides right over plaque when it is invisible too.  Since that day, this product has not been my favorite.

Why doesn't it remove plaque as effectively as other types of floss?  My opinion is that it is too slippery.  It doesn't "grip" your tooth.

Do the squeaky clean test

Woven floss

You don't need to stain your teeth with disclosing tablets or solution to tell the difference.  Don't rely on my  review or any other reviews...

Try testing my favorite brand Reach Woven floss vs Glide. 

Woven floss grips the tooth and after a few stokes the tooth feels squeaky clean.

Glide doesn't grip the tooth and never gives you the squeak that means clean.

My guess is waxed, unwaxed, or reach floss will get you more of a squeak than glide.

There is no doubt that slippery floss is easier to use.  It doesn't shred or get stuck between your teeth.    

Also no question that flossing with Glide is better than not flossing at all.   But if you are going to take the time  to floss, why not get more out of your effort?

Glide is a good choice for learning to floss.   Once you get used to flossing, try switching to waxed, unwaxed, woven, dental tape or reach floss.

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