Growth on Gum

Hi, I have had this growth on my gum since February. It hasn't bothered me much - no source of pain or profound discomfort. It's located below a tooth that i've had issues with in the past. Is this something i need to have removed immediately/sent for a biopsy? I've asked my physician about it and she wasn't concerned - saying it resembled a "wart". It's soft, and i'm able to move the lower portion of it.


Hello, I can't say for sure but I would have it checked by your dentist. It could be a drainage fistula from an infection around the tooth.

Drainage fistulas can resemble a pimple and are moveable. They don't need a biopsy but should be addressed even if painless.

An X-ray of the area may show infection.

Sometimes teeth that have had a lot of dental treatment become infected and develop an abscess. Although the drainage relieves most of the pressure and pain, the tooth still needs to be treated so the infection can heal.

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