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Gum Disease Cure; What are Your Options?

Finding a gum disease cure is complicated.  Once you have gum disease, you are always prone to having it again.


Because your particular saliva and bacterial flora are the kind that make gum disease possible.  You may also have other risk factors that make gum disease likely.  

Some common risk factors for gum disease are smoking, dry mouth, stress and poor home care.  

By home care, I mean how you take care of your teeth at home.... not how well you care for your home:)  

Though you can't change your natural predisposition, you can minimize your risk factors and prevent gum disease from recurring in most cases.

Gum Disease Cure Starts at Home

Curing early to moderate gum disease requires daily effort on your part and regular maintenance by your dentist or hygienist. These 3 simple steps will help.  

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Take steps to improve dry mouth 
  3. Keep your teeth squeaky clean every day  

Any professional treatment will be less effective if you don't.

Surgery, Laser and Grafting

There are some expensive ways to treat gum disease that work well.  But none that work 100% of the time.

Gum treatment are not the most popular dental procedures.  The recommendation to have gum laser or surgical grafting procedures gets politely declined by clients on a regular basis.

Many dental clients don't realize they can still improve their gum health even if they decline periodontal surgical treatment.

Whether you have time, money or the desire to get recommended gum treatment or you don't, consider having your teeth cleaned 3-4 times each year. 

These visits are helpful because:

1. Bacteria is removed before they become destructive.  

2. Changes in your gum health can be identified and treated sooner rather than later.

3. Your brushing and flossing can be evaluated and problem ares corrected.

For early to moderate gum disease more frequent cleanings combined with improved home care and controlling your risk factors can be very effective.

What You Should Know

Even if you decide to have professional gum treatment, you still need to improve your home care and control your risk factors to prevent the disease from recurring.  

More frequent cleanings are often recommended following gum surgery or laser treatment.  

Severe gum disease is less treatable.  Sometimes it is best to replace teeth that have little chance of recovering than to waste time and money treating them.

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