Gum Disease

by edward

What do yo consider to be a better choice for periodontal GUM DISEASE.Arestin {minocycline Hci}Microsperes,Which are released over a period of time.or.Periostat {Doxycycline}taken orally 20mg twice a dayfor at least 3 months and is helpful to smokers which i am .I am trying to cut down but it listed that fact on the website. Or do you know of a better treatment. I just paid $2500 for the first treatment and i am looking at about $15,000 when it is completed .Can you help me please.

Thank You and have a blessed day.
Edward B Dole

Hi Edward, I like periostat and have seen some very good long term results with it. It is more affordable and just as good if not better that Arestin.

Arestin is ok for one or 2 localized pockets but has a few's very expensive, difficult to place in some areas and studies show it doesn't improve pocket depth significantly. I think the studies show it results in a decrease of .5 mm...that's not enough.

Periostat works by decreasing the enzymes that destroy gum tissue and bone. I've seen good results in patients who smoke though ideally you should quit.

I also love the waterpik flosser for patients with periodontal disease. The water reaches where nothing else can and you can add some bacteria killing mouthwash to the water. You can find some waterpik instructional videos on you-tube to help you get started.

Wishing you much success in your treatment,
Thanks for writing,

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