gum pocket measurements

I think I understand the 3-4 and 4 or higher. what does a number involving 1,2 or 0


Pockets that measure 3mm or less are considered healthy if there is no bleeding. A 3mm pocket that doesn't bleed when it is measured is just as healthy as a 1mm pocket. It's just that some areas of the mouth tend to have more gum tissue than others. It is common to have 1 or 2 mm pockets in the front of your mouth and not as likely between your molars.

Pocket measurement are important but there are other factors used to determine overall periodontal (gum) health.

Bone levels are important. If there is significant bone loss the tooth could still be at risk even though it has a healthy pocket.

Gum recession is another factor that is included when evaluating periodontal health. There are 2 kinds of gum tissue...the tough and lighter pink colored tissue that is close to the teeth (keratinized or attached gingival tissue) and the loose and more fragile tissue that lines the cheeks and floor of the mouth (free gingiva).

Both are useful, the free gingiva allows your lips to move:) But the teeth need a certain amount of attached keratinized tissue to protect the teeth. If the gum is receded and there is not enough of this tougher protective tissue and the tooth could be at risk even if it has a shallow pocket.

All of these factors should be evaluated at your dental check up.

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