Gum Receding

I use to have braces, but did not finish the entire treatment. Now all my bottom teeth are receding, to the point where the root is being exposed after the base of teeth. They are very sensitive to brushing or touching, not to mention cleaning.

I have used sensitive toothpaste which helps, but I am more worried about the long term.

What solution is there to this problem?

Should I make an effort to start again the braces procedure?

Thank you


Hello, There are some treatment options for receding gums.

One is having gum tissue grafted to replace lost gum tissue and cover exposed roots.

You may or may not need gum grafting depending on how much gum tissue there is to support and protect your teeth.

It is important to address the cause of your gum recession and make sure the gum tissue is stable. Some causes of gum recession are crowding or malocclusion of the teeth, clenching or improper brushing.

Gum recession does not always have to be treated. As I mentioned treatment is mainly needed when there is not enough gum tissue covering the root. Many times you will only need to monitor the condition to make sure it is not progressing and treat the area for sensitivity.

It is important to keep exposed root surfaces clean...gently brush and floss the area, use a non abrasive toothpaste and possibly add fluoride gel or rinse to prevent cavities and sensitivity in these vulnerable areas.

It is possible that crowding or malocclusion could be causing your gums to recede. A dentist or orthodontist could tell you if that is the case and if orthodontic treatment is recommended.

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