Healthy extraction / eat normal foods and drinking coffee or soda and when can start drinking from a straw

by Savina

Its been 4 going on 5 days since I had my molar extracted , my dentist didn't specify on when I can start eating normal foods and drinks like coffee and soda &, when I'd be in the clear from dry socket & also what does a healthy socket look like ?


Hi Savina, You should be past the time when you are at risk for a dry socket. They occur between 3-5 days after a tooth extraction. It is still a good idea to go easy with your chewing. Chew on the other side and avoid hard foods. If you have specific concerns an follow up visit is a great idea.

Most extraction sites heal very quickly due to high vascularity in the mouth. The appearance of the tissue should improve daily and return to a nice pink color in a week or so. It takes longer for the hole to fill in with bone however. There may be a void for several weeks. A small irrigation syringe comes in handy in case food gets stuck.

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