Horrendous Nerve damage from Sensodyne and now I need the nerves cut!!

by Anonymous
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Not so much a question but I think people should be warned that if Sensodyne causes MORE sensitivity they should stop use immediately! Here’s my story....
I have never had any sensitivity to cold or heat with my teeth and never had anything done to them except bonding on the two upper front ones about 30 years ago. I recently had a slight hairline crack in a molar resulting in faint cold sensitivity and so tried an old tube of Sensodyne from the dentist. It seemed to work and I used it off and on for a couple of weeks. Decided to get a new tube of Sensodyne because the consistency of the old tube was a bit dry .... this was the worst decision of my life! It caused all my teeth to become ultra sensitive. Stupidly not linking the worsening sensitivity to the thing that was supposed to stop it, I continued using it for 3 days, but it got worse. When I stopped, it all went away except my four front teeth. To make a very long story short (I’ve had this for 6 months and can’t do anything that causes me to breath through my mouth... air cooler than body temp seems to be a problem. Even breathing through my nose causes pain...so this has become chronic low grade nerve pain and nothing takes it away... I’m in Canada so winter was impossible. Couldn’t go outside, barely existed inside. Had a scarf over mouth and nose most of the time and still can’t talk for long (couple of minutes) because air passes over teeth! I hold my breath looking in fridge. Summer is better but still bad with all the AC. No malls, no movie theatres, most people’s houses, restaurants) SO, turns out the chemicals in the Sensodyne damaged the nerves that run under my nose and just behind the four front teeth. The nerve endings link all four front teeth and we think the bonding is linked to it. When they apply bonding they have to remove some protective enamel. That is the only difference between my front teeth and all the others which are now just a little sensitive... no more bighting ice cream for me. If I understand, at least in Canada It’s not as common to have bonding now, more veneers are used. Apparently damage to this nerve, is only documented to happens with sinus surgery and occasionally really invasive dental work.... so what chemical is Sensodyne using?? Maybe the Potassium Nitrate? The tube lists very little, the computer info is written so simplistically it’s useless, the box lists all sorts of chemicals, but still no one is sure, Yikes!! Time has past, 6 months, it has worsened to burning behind the teeth and in the base of the nose. Breathing air through my nose is constantly uncomfortable and talking makes my teeth, and gums above, throb like a tuning fork, even in 30 degree heat. I have consulted two GPs, 2 dentists, an Endodentist, an Oral Medicine Specialist and an ENT specialist. It was only the ENT that diagnosed the problem because of his experience with sinus surgery and damaged nerves... but the only fix is to surgically cut the pain nerve above the teeth. Yikes, ya, but I’ve tried/looked into SO many things and for the last 3 months I’ve now had Burning Mouth Syndrome either from the continued oversensitizing of the nerve/chronic pain or extreme anxiety. The thought of living with this is unimaginatable ... so surgery at $5600 is the only option...... all because of Sensodyne Toothpaste. So glad I found this site and saw that others had had adverse reactions to this toothpaste, although none quite as horrendous as my story. I warn people about Sensodyne all the time now, as does my doctor, dentist, Endodentist and the ENT surgeon.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.
I hope you find relief soon.

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