HOW SMART Are dentists?cause mine never mentioned"oil pulling"

by Ellen

Hi, I have a very good dentist,my age in fact,about 70 yrs.old.he is very good,I went baCK to him recently,but had to cancel a clean appt.cause of migraines.over the week,I overly brushed my teeth with Sensodyne and Colgate sensative toothpaste.I over did it.;I got a big sore on inside cheek,on one side,and a big sore right on the gum by a tooth,on the other side.I did not know it was getting that bad-the dry mouth.I cannot always tell when I am hurt,or sick,my feelings are not "normal"due to childhood i did not even know about the big sore next to the tooth,on the gum.NOW,i just cleaned teeth with baking soda,and rinsed with salt water.Dentists always want your teeth clean and not wet.clean,clean clean.They don;'t even notice how dry my gums were,and just suggested Biotene.that was all.HOW SMART ARE DENTISTS?ALL MY LIFE.NONE OF THEM EVER TOLD ME ABOUT OIL PULLING--I just read it first,right here,and now have vaseline and coconut oil all over my mouth and gums---forget all the bad sensitive tooth paste!!HOW SMART ARE DENTISTS??they all have known I have dry gums,I am 70 yrs.old,barely have teeth to use any more.(one side._)WHY ARE THESE DENTISTS ALL THAT DUMB,they know so little?even my old dentist is really good,never mentioned it.THE hygenists are also completely ignorant!!(angry in Oregon)

Hi Ellen, I'm so sorry you are frustrated with your dentist. I hope the remedies mentioned in my site are helpful. I don't consider dentists or hygienists dumb because they don't suggest alternate or natural products. I include many products here because I consider them all potentially helpful. I recommend Biotene and Sensodyne in addition to oil pulling, vaseline, salt water etc in the hopes that something will be helpful and a good fit. It sounds like you are sensitive to some OTC products and prefer "natural" products. One thing that I like to mention when using all "natural" products is fluoride. Dry mouth puts you at a higher risk for cavities and fluoride helps to minimize that risk. I sometimes suggest adding either a fluoride rinse like ACT or a gel like Prevident for patients with dry mouth. Assuming you're not allergic or adverse to using fluoride, It may be worth considering.

Thanks so much for writing,

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