How to know if you need a gum graft

by Goog

Went to three dds , wanted to do frendectomy, gum graft,one said gum graft,one said gum graft,; had major jaw surgery when younger,followed by gum graft. Now middle lower front tooth has gum exposed. Been keeping eye on tooth for a long time. Some numbness in area due to major gum sx in the 80's. Oral sx said some bone loss, Dentist said she recommends I get gum graft. Peridondist wants to do gum graft and frendectomy. Had frendectomy a year ago. I don't know what to do. Oral surgeon asked me if I wanted tooth to look better, said 85 percent on graft success. Left it up to me, didn't really think it would improve dental health.

I am not an expert on gum grafts but have seen a decrease in the number of cases that are referred for gum grafts in the last several years. In many (but not all) cases it is ok to monitor receded gums. Gum recession occurs at a slow rate and many times stays the same for quite a long time. It would be helpful to have your gum chart and see if and how much the area has changed over that years.

I would suggest asking a lot of questions: why is the treatment being recommended?, is it for cosmetic reasons or is the tooth at risk of being lost? Then go with what makes sense to you. You can always get another opinion if you are still not sure.

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