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How to Stop Grinding your Teeth 

Relaxing home remedy for teeth grinding or clenching

How to stop grinding your teeth?   It's a destructive habit that is very difficult to stop.  But before spending money on a night guard to protect your teeth, it makes sense to try stopping on your own.

I like this simple home remedy...

It's inexpensive, easy to do, feels good, and worth a try before investing in more expensive treatment.

Here's how to stop grinding your teeth and relax your tired muscles:

Devote at least a half hour before bedtime. Make sure you are relaxed...no multi-tasking allowed!

You will need four washcloths.

Get two of them wet, wring them out, fold in half, roll them up and heat in the microwave until they are almost too hot to touch.

Wrap the wet wachcloths in the dry ones.

They wet ones should be hot enough that the heat comes through the dry ones.

Place one on each side of your face. The washcloths should extend from your temples to your lower jaws.

They should cover three stressed out body parts.

  • Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ)
  • Massester muscle
  • Temporal muscle

If they are too hot...hold them near your face until they cool down.

As they cool, take the dry ones off and apply the wet ones directy. Cover the wet washcloths with the dry ones to hold the heat in.

how to stop grinding teeth

Reheat the wet washcloths and repeat at least two more times.

While you are waiting for the washcloths to heat, give your jaw muscles a light massage. If you can talk someone into doing it for you, that's even better:)

If you have pain in your tmj or jaw muscles take some ibuprofen or another NSAID.

While drifting off to sleep, lay on your back and practice holding your jaw in resting position: lips together, let your lower jaw drop so your upper and lower teeth are slighly apart.

It's always a good idea to address all factors that are causing you to grind your teeth and consider the clinical signs of teeth grinding.

If you can't stop grinding or clenching your teeth at night, a teeth grinding guard is recommended.

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