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When to Use Hydrogen Peroxide Mouth Rinse

Hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse is great for anyone who is sensitive to Listerine, Crest ProHealth or any other mouthwash.

Is your mouthwash too strong?  Burn like crazy?  Dry your mouth?  Leave a bad aftertaste?

hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse

When you get tired of trying the thousand or so brands and flavors that are available, you can always come back to the familiar brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Though it isn't backed by research or an advertising budget, it could be just right for you. Sometimes the old fashioned, tried and true products are best.

It's affordable, effective for certain conditions and you probably already have a bottle of it in your bathroom cupboard.

Hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse can be used with good results and may be the best choice for you.

Follow the directions on the bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide and dilute with an equal amount of water before rinsing.

Or...dip your toothbrush in diluted hydrogen peroxide and massage your gums for a quick and affordable gingivitis treatment.

For mouth sores and minor irritations, use a Q-tip to dap a little diluted hydrogen peroxide on the area.

4 Reasons to Use Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthrinse

1. If you are sensitive to other products

Many are sensitive to ingredients in certain rinses.

Reactions that range from tissue sloughing (peeling), buring, and altered sense of taste have been reported after using Listerine mouthwash.  

Tooth staining and altered sense of taste after using Chlorhexidine rinses and Crest ProHealth sometimes occur.

For those who can't use other dental rinses this product is a good alternative.

2. For kids with braces

Orthodontic brackets are difficult to keep clean and gums often become inflamed and swollen.

One way to improve the health of these areas is massaging the gums with a toothbrush dipped in diluted hydrogen peroxide. This product has a mild flavor and is tolerated well by most kids.

3. For mouth sores

Because it is a gentle disinfectant, canker sores, denture sore spots or cheek bites can be treated with hydrogen peroxide . Mouthwash containing alcohol will burn these tender areas.

4. If you like home remedies

The Keyes technique (hydrogen peroxide combined with salt and baking soda) has been recommended by dentists and used with good results for years.

Salt Water Mouthwash ~ Another recommended home remedy.

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