How Did I Get This Bump on My Gums?

Jessica's question:

Hi i'm a 19 old female and I always brush my teeth every night and in the morning and I floss about once a week. 

I take care of my teeth but I  gave my boyfriend a blowjob Wednesday about 5:15pm and today is Friday night. 

I brush my teeth all of the time. We both never had any infections or anything. I had one cavity before and he hasn't had any. 

Overall, we have good teeth.

But, today I noticed this little bump on my top jaw right side, the last tooth (my wisdom teeth didn't grow in on that side) the bump is facing towards my tongue.

The bump is on the gum of the tooth. It kind of looks like a pimple, it has a white head and it's red around it. 

That's the only one and the rest of my mouth looks fine. I have been brushing my teeth longer to try to get rid of it but its not going away.

It hurts to chew on that side and it's sore all of the time. It hurts when I eat or drink hot things. I've never had a problem before and it's kinda freaking me out. We don't have any sexual diseases. But that's where I swallowed his cum, on the right side of my mouth. 

Please help me with a solution. I have strict parents and I don't want to go to the doctors or dentist about it because they will make a bigger deal about it and I won't be able to see him again outside of our job. 

My reply:

Hi Jessie, There are a few possibilities. It sounds most like a drainage fistula. You may have a tooth or gum infection in the area.

A fistula looks a lot like what you are describing (a pimple) and forms because of pressure that builds up in the infected area. It is your body's way of relieving the pressure.

Fistulas can come and go but usually don't heal completely until the source of infection is found and treated. 

The fistula and your sensitivity to hot things are indications of a possible abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth is an infection of the tooth's nerve and can be very sore and sensitive to pressure,hot or cold. 

Here is my article on tooth abscess treatment. 

This is my best guess based on what you have told me. I doubt it has anything to do with your boyfriend. But the mom in me wants to tell you to be careful not to do anything that puts you at emotional or physical risk.  You can find other ways to enjoy spending time with your boyfriend:)  

Tooth and gum infections are not contagious. But, you should see your dentist for a definitive diagnosis and treatment. 

Thanks for writing and good luck,

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