I have a small pimple on my gum

by Afraica Sager
(Cape Girardeau, MO)

I had gotten an root canal started an it has to get finished. But I have this bump on my left side of my gum that I think it is an infection in my mouth I had messed with it an some blood came out. Why would I have this on my gum?


Hi Afraica, I don't know for sure but it could be a drainage fistula. Sometimes when there is an infection in your mouth, there is also a drainage fistula. These fistulas can come and go because they are a lot like a pimple in that they fill with exudate (pus) or blood then they drain.

It could be there because your root canal is not finished and there is still some infection. Teeth with these drainage fistulas often don't cause any pain but you should see your dentist to have it evaluated and to have your root canal finished. Drainage fistulas don't go away permanently on their own and it is not good for your health to have any infection in your body.

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