I have Pain after my filling

(Trinidad & Tobago)

I had a white composite filling on my upper 1st premolar tooth. the tooth was decayed both sides on top close to the gum..

My dentist did an xray before and said it doesn't need a root-canal.. He injected my gum before the filling so i didnt really feel any pain during the procedure but when the numbness of the injection wore off its sensitive to cold water & air and it pains a little even when it isn't exposed to anything.

The pain feels like when your having a tooth drilled to closed to the gum before the filling and I'm also having head ache... Its been about 24 hours since the filling.. It somehow feels like it's exposed but i don't see anything... Is that normal??


I would say it depends on whether it improves or not. Ideally a filling should feel good after it is placed. But for large fillings that are close to the nerve sensitivity is not unusual.

Headache is typically not directly related to having a filling. But if your tooth hurts you may be clenching your teeth and that could give you a headache.

If the pain does not improve or if it gets worse you should see your dentist to make sure there is nothing wrong with the filling. It is possible that part of the filling came out and the tooth is not sealed or that the filling is slightly high and when your teeth come together it hits harder than the other teeth. Either could keep the tooth feeling sensitive.

If everything looks good with the filling it may still take some time for the sensitivity to improve.

Your tooth nerve is irritated and it may or may not calm down. Some teeth need root canal treatment after a filling because the nerve can't recover. It can take a long time in some cases.

Hope it feels better soon,
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