I was charged $994.00 for a teeth cleaning

by Greta Davis
(san antonio tx.)

My dentist charged me $994.00 for cleaning my teeth, There were no billing codes. Where can I report this. I'm 88 yrs.old and live on a fixed income.


Hi Greta, Im so sorry you were surprised with this charge. At the very least you should have been given a written estimate before the treatment was done...not after.

You should have had a choice to do the treatment or not. Your dentist should have explained why he or she thought the treatment was necessary and what your other treatment options were...there is almost always more than one option!

I think you should ask your dentist to explain the charges and ask why you were not told in advance how much your cleaning would cost.

I would ask them to reduce the fee since you were not told prior to the treatment.

I would talk to your dentist before reporting this to anyone. If you can't come to an agreement with your dentist you could report it to the state dental board though I'm not sure if it was poor treatment or just poor communication.

I hope your dentist will work it out with you. That is so much simpler.

Thank you for writing and I wish you the best in getting this resolved.


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