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Implant Supported Dentures Improve Comfort and Function 

Implant supported dentures are one of the best uses of an implant. Instead of replacing just one tooth, dental implant dentures make it possible to replace an entire arch, that's 14 teeth!

Implants provide much needed stability for dentures and improve function, comfort, and appearance.

Old style dentures have never been easy to wear. Dentures may look pretty but in many cases, are uncomfortable and don't work well.

Implant retained dentures provide a much better result than the bulky, uncomfortable, and sometimes unattractive dentures worn by our ancestors.

Implants for dentures provide an anchor for the denture. Implants are placed in the bone, after they become integrated with the bone are used for holding dentures firmly in place.

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4. Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

No need for messy adhesives and no more sore spots from dentures rubbing your gums the wrong way.

1.Implant dentures don't move

Traditional dentures slip and move causing sore spots on your gums.

Sometimes they can be adjusted and improved but some denture wearers never get used to they way their dentures feel.

Because implant supported dentures don't move and slip, they are less likely to make gums sore and more likely to look and feel like real teeth.

implant supported denture

2. Implants preserve your bone

Once teeth are lost, bone gradually shrinks or re-sorbs. Implants keep the bone from shrinking away.

3. Implant supported dentures are smaller

Traditional dentures are very large and bulky. Implant dentures are much smaller. Talking and eating are easier with implant dentures compared to traditional dentures.

4. No denture adhesives are needed

Adhesives have never been easy to use, but recent studies linking zinc in denture adhesives to serious health problems add another reason to avoid them.

Sometimes the design includes a supporting bar that is connected to two or more implants. These implants require extra care and attention to prevent gum inflammation and avoid dental implant problems.

Care and maintenance

Dental implant dentures are quite a large investment of time and money. It's important to follow your dentist's recommendations for care and maintenance.

Professional check ups and cleanings

Every 6 months for most. However, some clients will need a cleaning and check up every 3-4 months.

Brush and floss

Implants need to be cleaned just like teeth. Implants don't get cavities but gum tissue around implants is just as vulnerable to gum disease and has to be kept healthy.

Use a waterpik

Some implant dentures are very difficult to clean and would benefit from using a waterpik or another oral irrigator.

Use Listerine

Just like the commercial says, Listerine mouthwash kills the germs that cause gingivitis. Swishing for 30 seconds twice a day will help keep your gums around your implants healthy. It doesn't taste good and takes a little getting used to. Try diluting it at first, then gradually work your way to using it full strength.  Read my Listerine review here.

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