Is Air Flosser as Effective as WaterPik Flosser

by Alan
(Las Vegas NV)

I use a water flosser every morning. I also have a Philips Sonicare air flosser, which I find easier to use. I've read that water flossers are more effective than air flossers.

Do you have an opinion on this? I want to use the method that is most effective, but I like the convenience of the air flosser. By the way, I hate string flossing.


Hi Alan, Good for you using both AirFlosser and WaterPik!

I'm not sure if there are studies to compare these two methods but I know there are many ways to maintain healthy teeth and gums. I see many examples of this every day. People get the job done with everything from a simple toothpick to a $200 electric appliance and everything in between. It depends on the condition of your mouth, your manual dexterity, your genetic tendency toward dental diseases and the time you are willing to commit.

You could do your own product testing. Use the AirFlosser exclusively for a week or 2 and see how your teeth and gums feel. Another idea would be to use the Airflosser first then use the WaterPik immediately after to see if there is any debris. Then use the WaterPik first followed immediately by the Airflosser.

People like you who are very devoted to their dental health usually have a sense for when their teeth and gums are clean and free from inflammation. Once you have that awareness it makes choosing products much easier.

Lastly, an important consideration is what condition your teeth and gums are in. Do you have deep pockets or dental works such as bridges or implants that are more difficult to keep clean? This could impact your decision.

Your hygienist should let you know if what you are doing is effective and give you a recommendation if needed.

Thanks for writing,

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