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Is an Electric Toothbrush Better?

An electric toothbrush can give your tooth brushing a boost without harming your teeth or gums.

Using one makes it easier to keep plaque off your teeth and less likely that you will damage your teeth or gums by brushing too hard. 

But, not everyone needs to use an electric toothbrush.  

In this article learn:

The benefits of an electric vs a manual toothbrush and how to know if you need to make the switch.

6 Electric Toothbrush Benefits

1. Better technique - the motion is ideal for gently but thoroughly removing plaque from your teeth.

2. Brush longer - because of the two minute timer that lets you know when you are done.

3. Brush more often - new gadgets are always fun to use and your financial investment adds motivation.

4. Increased awareness - once you feel your nice smooth teeth after using an electric brush you will not be satisfied with less.

5. Better cleaning around obstacles - such as dental braces, overly crowded teeth, or certain types of dental work. A model with a small head works very well in hard to reach areas.

6. Prevent gum disease.

Not everyone needs an electric toothbrush

No need to buy one if you:

  • Have great brushing technique.  You can check your technique here.
  • Are consistent at brushing and flossing every day.
  • Don't have any concerns about brushing too hard, receded gums, or wear on your enamel from "scrubbing" instead of brushing your teeth.
  • Have great dental health including healthy gums with no signs of gum disease and you don't get cavities.

My favorite brand?

There are several brands on the market. The two most commonly recommended are Sonicare and Braun. Click on the links for my reviews.

  • Sonicare - cleans with sonic technology. Inspired by the ultrasonic instrument used by dental hygienists to clean your teeth.  Read my Sonicare buying guide here.
  • Braun Oral B - cleans with an oscillating and rotating motion. Read my Oral B-Braun review here

Both are great and widely recommended. I used a Braun for many years then made the switch to Sonicare. Here's why.

For kids

Almost every product comes in a pint sized version, and this one is no exception.

Spin brushes are very popular with kids.

They are battery operated, affordable and make brushing more fun.

Sonicare for kids, a new rechargeable toothbrush by phillips Sonicare is great for kids with  braces.

Small children still need help brushing their teeth.

Just one warning....Beware of flying toothpaste! 


It's important to use good technique. The brush provides the motion. You still need to place it against your gums and use just enough pressure.

Follow these instructions for brushing but don't worry about the motion...your electric toothbrush has it covered.

Electric toothbrush heads need to be replaced every 3-6 months just like your regular toothbrush. The bristles may not look worn, but you will notice smoother, cleaner feeling teeth after replacing the head.

Last but not least, put it in your mouth before turning on:)

The technology is great. It provides perfect motion for perfect technique and might motivate you to brush longer and clean your teeth more thoroughly.

  • Is it possible to still miss areas?....YES. you have to place it in the right position and and use just enough pressure on every surface of every tooth.
  • Is it possible to keep your teeth and gums healthy without one?....Of course! Good old fashioned brushing and flossing everyday will always work.

I have used a Sonicare for years and love it! Almost all of my clients say their teeth feel cleaner compared to when they use a manual toothbrush and they have easier cleaning appointments because there is less calculus (tarter) to remove.

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