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Is Dental Insurance for Seniors Necessary?

Dental insurance is a good idea for some seniors while others may be better off without dental coverage.

Unlike medical issues, most dental expenses can be paid out of pocket.

A close look at the cost of dental insurance vs the cost of dental treatment will help you decided.

Whether you choose full coverage, a discount  plan, or decide to pay as you go, these money saving tips will help you find a balance between the financial concerns of a fixed income and maintaining optimal dental health.

Your Dental History

Seniors who have an uneventful dental history are likely to continue enjoying good dental health through their retirement years. 

Take into consideration any chronic health conditions that could increase your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

Continue to take good care of your teeth everyday at home. 

Home care of your teeth is especially critical for seniors.  Your daily routine of brushing, flossing or using a floss alternative will prevent many dental problems. 

Consider changing to a less expensive dentist

Choosing a dentist based on price alone is probably not the best idea but asking around for price comparisons will help you know if your dentist is over priced. The most expensive dentist may not necessarily be the best.

Choose a less expensive treatment option

When you have a cavity or broken tooth, ask your dentist to present all possible treatment scenarios.

There may be more than one treatment choice and a big difference in cost.

Proactive Prevention

Don't skip your twice yearly cleaning and check up. Catching problems when they are small and affordably treated is one of the best ways to save money. A $100 problem can quickly turn into a $1000 problem if not treated.

Be alert for changes in your health that could put you at a higher risk for dental problems.

Dry mouth, diabetes, and hormonal changes are some of the many conditions that have the potential for impacting your dental health.

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