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Adverse Reactions to Sensodyne Toothpaste

These are some of the notes I have received from readers reporting their reaction to Sensodyne and other toothpaste made to relieve sensitivity.  Sensodyne works well for many but obviously not for everyone.

Goodbye sensodyne 

by: Anonymous 
I never had any problems until about a year ago when I started using Sensodyne. I didn't make the connection that the constant throbbing in my lower front teeth was due to the toothpaste! I switched to Tom's of Maine for sensitivity and still had the same problem. 

I never thought that it could be the potassium nitrate! What do you all use now instead??

My Reply:  

First you should rule out any dental problems that might be causing your sensitivity.  

Once you know there is nothing that can be treated, try Colgate Prevident.  It is  my favorite for tooth sensitivity and provides extra cavity protection too.

Most sensitive teeth also have a receding gum line and are more prone to cavities. Prevident addresses both issues.

More about receding gums here.

More about Colgate Prevident toothpaste here.

Sensodyne repair and protect 

by: Mary 

I used this toothpaste for the first time last night. I say used! What I did was load up my brush, put it in my mouth and the moment it touched my teeth, it hurt like hell so I took the brush out immediately and rinsed all the toothpaste away! It was like filling my mouth with liquid sugar, aaaaaargh!

Dry Mouth

by: Anonymous 

I'm using Sensodyne Proenamel and it leaves an awful chemical taste that lasts all day and also causes dry mouth. I was using regular Sensodyne but only switched because I thought my teeth were getting more sensitive. I never linked that to the toothpaste until I saw this sight. I'm switching back to Colgate Sensitive which gave me no problems.

Will not buy it again

by: Anonymous 

I decided you use the Pro-enamel for a while to prepare my teeth for whitening. I normally don't have sensitive teeth, but the last time I whitened back in 2000 it was very painful. Well I never got around to the whitening but went through 3 trial sizes of the Pro-enamel. I just ran out a week ago and since then, if I eat something cold my teeth kill me for a few minutes. It's like the toothpaste made them sensitive. Will not buy it again.

Here I thought I was doing myself good for the enamel (dentist told me I had some enamel loss so thought this would be helpful) and now I have sensitive teeth. Thought I was the only one, then found this forum.

my teeth and gums ache so much that it feels like hell

by: Shiro 
So,I tried sensodyne gentle whitening and it was one of the worst decisions of my life. My mouth is freaking aching for days now. I've tried to gargle the sea salt solution to ease the pain, but it still hurts. I hope it goes away soon, because I can't eat normally in this state. And also, i have a mump in my left cheek now, is this because of the toothpaste?

Headache and more

by: Anonymous 
Since starting Sensodyne toothpaste I have had a headache for 2 days in a row. I NEVER get headaches. My gums have never bled but with this toothpaste I did have some bleeding. I went to the dentist with what I thought was an absecess above a long ago root canal because of a small sore above the tooth. The dentist thought it was maybe an ulcer on gum. Well, I then seen something similiar on bottom tooth at gum gumline and thought this cannot be another abscess. I happened to come across this site and stopped using sensodyne. Am waiting to see what happens now with my gums. I never had these symptoms before using sensodyne.

Also, teeth are more sensitive. Been 3 days since stop using this stuff. I hope everything turns back to normal. Started using Trader Joes toothpaste without SLS or Flouride. Mouth feels better....no more burning of lips or mouth.

Why is this still being sold in stores?

by: Anonymous 

Thankful for this site!

I started using repair and recently bought and started using my second tube of repair. I woke up after 2 days of use with swollen lips and ulcer type sores along the inside of my lips. My gums were also very red and bleeding after brushing and spitting out toothpaste.

I also recently developed sores under both sides of my tongue. 

This is very painful and not fun at all!

I think I am going to take action but not sure where to begin. I will start with returning the very expensive product to Target and tell my dentist of problem. 

Very dry mouth, very sore tongue and mouth ulcers

by: Sydneysider 

I had been using sensodyne total care gentle whitening for around two years with great success. I was in a different chemist and couldn't get this particular formula so I bought the one that states 'new formula'. First time I used it I commented on the very strong peppermint flavour, it made my mouth very hot. Now two weeks on and I've had sores appear on the inside of both cheeks, ulcers around the edge of my tongue, burnt tongue, an extremely dry mouth and sore, dry and cracked lips. Everyone said it was the cold weather causing my symtoms but I knew differently. Went to the doctor today for a blood test, he's testing for diabetes. I've given a lot of thought to the cause of my painful mouth and the only thing Ive done differently is change the toothpaste, so I searched online and couldn't believe when I read all the complaints. I am convinced this is the cause. I didn't use it this morning preferring to use Colgate instead and already the dry mouth is recovering.

Pain from Sensodyne Repair & Protect 

by: Christina 

Reporting similar reaction to Repair & Protect. Pain in gums like electric shocks, though consistently isolated to one area. Also developed a small ulcer on the corner of my mouth that wasn't attributable to any other underlying cause. I switched back to Sensodyne Fresh Mint and noticed an immediate difference! Brushing is no longer unpleasant. I suspect that I disagree with stannous flouride.

Sore mouth, ulcers on lips 

by: Anonymous 

just bought the new sensodyne repair toothpaste and used it 2 times,before bed, woke up the 2nd day and had ulcers in my mouth, inside my upper lip,gum line very sore, still sore 2 days later, but geting better
i think the soldium loural sulfate mite be the problem, i didnt know that was in the toothpaste, also could the flouride hurt me?

Can We Please Get A Disclaimer?! 

by: Anonymous 

Same. I've only used it a handful of time but each time I used it the pain would become increasingly worse until it was obvious from the excruciating pain that it caused that it was the source.

I would like to know why some people react this way, how temporary or persistent the pain for folks like us can be expected to be and why there isn't a disclaimer on the box so that non-assuming victims like us can easily figure out that we're not crazy before taking it upon ourselves to dig all around the internet to, hopefully, find answers.

Where's the culpability here.

Severe pain AFTER I discontinued use!! 

by: Brett 

I've been using sensodyne for a while without issue. Recently I traveled home for vacation on Thanksgiving and used another toothpaste. After 3-4 days, had severe sensitivity to hot, cold, sugar, citrus, breathing similar to others symptoms. 

I had some sensitivity before using and while on it, had no problems.

This toothpaste is horrible and a little scary. All fluoride toothpaste replaces the top layer of your teeth with fluoride ion, I imagine sensodyne is doing the same with some other important ingredient that protects against sensitivity. I don't know why it works proactively (affects them when they start using) on some and reactively on others (affects them when they quit). 

For me stopping use was a disaster, hoping it's not permanent and will be researching how to come off of this product. I hope your blog doesn't get bought by Sensodyne (Glaxo Smith Kline). That's the really scary and insidious power of big money, when real problems get silenced.

Bring back the old stuff 

by: Anonymous 

All of the Sensodyne branded toothpastes cause me sensitivity except the very old Original which is no longer being manufactured unfortunately.
I wonder if the stuff that actually did work has been removed to make the dentists busier and their businesses more profitable. More sensitive teeth=more visits to the dentist therefore more profit for them.
Highly fluoridated toothpastes cause hypothroidism, there are may books written on this subject as well many scientific studies documented here if one wishes to search for them.
Oh to go back to the days of old when we used to clean our teeth with bicarbonate of soda.
Detergent in toothpaste also causes ulceration and blistering....plenty of evidence about this also on the net.

Sensodyne/ Colgate Pro Relief causing a bigger problem. 

by: Anonymous 

I have been using Sensodyne after a recent visit to the dentist. My teeth have suddenly become so sensitive. The only dental problem I had prior to using this tooth paste was a wisdom tooth that I I removed. I cannot believe how a tooth paste that's highly recommended by the very people who are supposed to make us better (dentists) is actually harmful to some of us. I found this site after having the guts to search about this on the net. 

Initially the I thought it would be crazy for a sensitivity toothpaste to do the opposite. I have also used Colgates pro relief but the effects are the same. Anxiety, headaches and sensitive teeth.

I wonder how many more people are having this problem and are actually not aware that this toothpaste is making matters worse. I've never had sensitive teeth, I was using the Sensodyne whitening toothpaste to keep my teeth shiny after the cleaning at the dentist.

This is unbelievable. I'm glad this info. Was available for us to see that we are not crazy. Maybe its a way for doctors to keep us coming back.

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