Is this dental fee right?

For a full upper bridge.. I root canal on one upper back tooth and 1 upper crown $21,000.00. I really love my dentist..She is so kind but everyone is telling me she is scamming me big time.


Hi, I'm not sure what the full upper bridge includes. Assuming it is a standard 3-5 unit bridge that is supported by your natural teeth, that is a very high fee. If it includes placing implants that support the bridge, the fee would make more sense but could still be high depending how many implants there are and if other procedures such as bone grating or a sinus lift are needed.

Either way it is a lot of money and it is important that you understand what is included and have all your questions answered before you agree to treatment. I'm sure your dentist would not mind spending some time with you to answer your questions.

You may also want to consider getting another opinion and estimate.

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