lip numbness after dental surgery

hello, I did dentigerous cyst enucleation with lower right wisdom tooth extraction after which there was numbness in my right lower lip and chin I went to the dentist he said that this condition is temporary and it will fade within few months but I am so scare that this condition will be there any investigation could I do to be sure that the nerve is ok and is there any treatment and how could I know if it temporary or permanent ....many thanks.


Hello, I'm sorry you have this issue. It is called paresthesia and is one possible side effect of dental anesthetic or dental surgery that is close to the nerve canal that runs along your lower jaw.

Most of the time whatever damage there is to the nerve heals and the numbness resolves in a few days to weeks. Sometimes it lasts longer - up to 6 months and very rarely it is permanent. I have only known of one patient in 31 years of practice that has permanent paresthesia.

The odds are in your favor.

I don't know of any treatment or tests for paresthesia.

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