Mouth feels shriveled, dry and sensitive

by Ann
(Brooksville, FL)

I have used Sensodyne for years; the last 2 years the inside of my mouth feels shriveled and is so tender. I think and wonder if it's all the constant changes and 'improvements' they keep making to Sensodyne? I've tried other 'sensitive' toothpastes - but can't use them for very long - my teeth end up being even more sensitive when trying different 'sensitive' toothpastes. My teeth are so sensitive that is why I continue to use Sensodyne; but recently, I just can't take the tender mouth anymore. Needing suggestions and quick.


Hi Ann, So sorry you are having this issue. You have a couple different issues that most likely have different remedies.

First you should see a dentist to rule out any condition that needs treatment.

If your tooth sensitivity is tolerable you may want to address the dry shriveled feeling of your mouth first.

You may also want to avoid toothpaste and mouthwash until your mouth feels better. Or use a small amount of a mild, non abrasive brand.

Oil pulling with coconut oil can be helpful for dry mouth and is very mild. Biotene products are helpful for soothing dry mouth.

Once your tissues feel better, you could try fluoride for your tooth sensitivity. ACT Mouthwash is one OTC option. Prevident is a prescription fluoride gel that many dentists recommend. Prevident is used in place of your toothpaste once a day and works well for tooth sensitivity and decreasing cavities.

I hope you feel better soon,

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