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Best Mouthwash for Gingivitis

What’s the best mouthwash for gingivitis?  Mouthwash is not all the same. It is important to choose one that is made for your specific needs.  

For gingivitis, my first choice is Listerine. Studies have shown that it is almost as effective as prescription rinses containing chlorhexidine.

Unlike  chlorhexidine rinses, Listerine is readily available over the counter. It is also more affordable. I have seen it work well to reverse the symptoms of gum disease.

However, Listerine has some disadvantages. It tastes terrible and is too strong for some.  Overuse can result in irritation of  fragile cheek tissue.

Severe or stubborn cases of gingivitis may benefit from a prescription rinse containing chlorhexidine.

Since tooth staining and altered taste are possible side effects, short term use of chlorhexidine rinses is best.

Extra diligent brushing and flossing will prevent staining.

If you prefer a milder flavor, Crest Pro Health mouthwash is a good choice.

There are several varieties, Be sure to read the label and choose the one that is made specifically for treating gingivitis.

Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide is a good old fashioned gingivitis home treatment, it is the least expensive choice and has almost no flavor. Be sure to follow the directions printed on the bottle and dilute with water before using.

With any mouthwash for gingivitis, if you notice any tissue irritation, decrease the frequency of use or switch to another product.

Mouthwash is a good start...

Mouthwash is a great addition to your home care routine but shouldn't be depended upon to be the whole answer.

Mouthwash will kill bacteria, strengthen enamel, and temporarily freshen breath.

But, Without additional effort, it won't get rid of gingivitis or remove plaque from your teeth.

There is no miracle rinse that can cure gingivitis without your help. Daily plaque removal is needed to get rid of gingivitis and keep it from coming back.

Why not give your mouthwash a boost? Add it to the water supply in your dental irrigator....it's a great way to improve your gums.

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