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Use Mouthwash Reviews to Make a Good Choice 

My mouthwash reviews...

For many years I avoided mouthwash.  I thought all you needed for daily use was a good toothbrush and some floss.

"Less is more" was my motto and I didn't want to complicate my routine by adding another step.   


After seeing what it has done for many of my clients, I've become a believer and  recommend it often for daily use.

Mouthwash alone won't solve all your problems or take the place of brushing and flossing but does improve some conditions.

Which brand is best?

Choosing the one that best fits your needs is important.  Here's what I recommend for a variety of symptoms.

mouthwash reviews

Stubborn gingivitis

 if you have a dry mouth or breath through your mouth at night, you may have a hard time keeping your gums healthy. Listerine is a good addition to your routine and is most helpful after thoroughly brushing  before going to bed.

Dry Mouth

Biotene mouthwash will add moisture to your dry mouth.  Because dry mouth is extra dry at night.  Biotene makes a gel that can be used before going to bed.

Tooth decay

If you are tired of hearing that you have a cavity (or three) every time you have a check up, try swishing with ACT fluoride mouthwash before going to bed each night.  It will strengthen weak spots in your enamel.

Sore or swollen gums

Sometimes gum tissue is too sore to floss, brush or even touch and would benefit from gentle rinsing for a few days to begin the healing process.  

ANUG is a severe type of gingivitis that needs this type of pre treatment.  Rinsing with a prescription mouthwash that contains Chlorhexidine is recommended. 

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