My bottom front tooth feels loose

by Juanita Newsome
(Philadelphia pa)

My bottom front tooth feels loose what should I do?

My bottom front tooth feel like it's loose what may be the cause its a scary thing I also grind my teeth at night.


Hi Juanita, It is a scary thing to suddenly realize your tooth is loose. However depending on the cause and severity a mobile (loose) front tooth or molar may either resolve itself or be easily treated.

Here are some of the causes and treatments for tooth mobility.

The most serious cause is bone loss around the tooth. Bone can be lost due to infection from gum disease or an abscessed tooth. When bone that surrounds and supports a tooth is lost treatment may be needed to restore stability and prevent further bone loss.

Tooth grinding and clenching can also cause mobility. This type of mobility can be resolved either when you quit grinding or clenching or you wear a night guard to protect your teeth from the constant forces caused by clenching or grinding.

Lastly, mobility can be caused by an uneven bite. A tooth that has drifted out of position or has new filling that is "too high" and takes more biting force than the other teeth can become mobile. Teeth that are hitting too hard can sometimes be adjusted to improve mobility.

I would suggest a visit to your dentist to determine why your tooth is loose and whether treatment is needed.

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