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Natural Remedies For Gum Disease VS Traditional Treatment

Natural remedies for gum disease include vitamins, supplements and foods that decrease inflammation.  Traditional gum treatments include deep cleanings, antibiotics and gum laser treatment or surgery.

Who wouldn't want to go natural?

I love that we are so aware of nutrition these days.  What we put in our bodies each day has a huge impact on our health.  Vitamins and supplements that improve gum disease are also good for other inflammation related issues. 

natural remedies for gum disease

But, before I recommend any natural remedies for gum disease, I want to be clear about one thing:  

If you have gum disease, you can't depend on home remedies alone.  

There is no vitamin or supplement that will cure gum disease but there are some that will decrease inflammation and improve the health of your gums when used in combination with gum treatment.

If you had a painful splinter in your finger you wouldn't expect it to heal by taking vitamins.  You would remove it first and then care for the damage it left.  

How you deal with a splinter is an over simplified example of how gum disease should be treated.

Gum disease is the result of the inflammatory process.  Your body's reaction to a problem. Inflammation helps you know there is a problem but sometimes your body over-reacts and inflammation gets out of control and becomes chronic destroying gum and bone tissue in the process.

In many cases the inflammation-causing problem is calculus or plaque that forms on your teeth and irritates the gum.  Bacteria left on your teeth for months or even years gradually takes it's toll on your gums.

First Things First

The first step in healing gum disease is to get rid of what is irritating your gums and making your body react or over-react.  

For this you need a dentist or hygienist to clean or deep clean your teeth and then show you how to keep them clean.  

If you skip this important step it will be impossible for your gums to heal completely.

Learn more about dental deep cleanings here.

Natural Remedies For Gum Disease

Once you have completed the first step you can add natural remedies to promote healing and gum health.

Natural remedies for gum disease include vitamins, supplements and of course brushing, flossing or other methods to keep your teeth clean.


Since gum disease starts with inflammation.  Vitamins that decrease inflammation will help.  

Vitamins A, B6,  C,  D,  E and K.  

Supplements and Foods

Anti inflammation foods and supplements:  fish oil, tumeric, nuts, fruits and richly pigmented vegetables.

Brush and Floss

Keeping your teeth clean everyday is an important part of maintaining healthy gums and preventing a gum disease relapse.

Learn how to improve your brushing here.  Flossing tips here.

I wish it was as easy as taking a few pills or eating a handful of blueberries but curing gum disease takes more.  

That doesn't mean you can't benefit from vitamins and supplements combined with other treatments.

Using natural remedies for gum disease will not only give your gums a healing boost but will improve your overall health.  

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