needing help with choices/ pin hole or grafting

by susan

Shelly, you get to the point and have great answers .... I don't have gum disease but my gums are reseeding on 8 teeth .

I didn't know it was so bad , except 2 were becoming very obvious , and when I would get measured every two years , I would ask about the numbers , but there were no alarms , except to get a clear plastic mouth guard to wear at night .

I get cleaning twice a year , last visit , Dr. recommended I see a periodontics . I got nervous and she told me about skin grafting and donor grafts , and I felt sick .... I then went home and spent two weeks searching the net .I read up on pin hole surgery , and thought " This is my miracle answer !" The only problem , there are not that many certified , it's only about 8 yrs old and some have said , after it was done , the gums went back to where they were .... Every time I put the word gum hole , no matter what the question , It ALWAYS brings up the inventor and Dr's he has certified . I would like to know , can the gums grow back (odds ) is it just as good as grafting gum tissue , and what the average cost is for both , and results from REAL people that have had it done . THANK YOU VERY MUCH for any help you can give !


Hi Susan, That's a great question. I have heard of this method but only through advertisements.

I don't know any periodontists or dentists who use this technique or any patients who have had it done.

As you mentioned it is very new. I did some searching and could only find one study that was published by Dr. Chao, the patent holder. It would be nice to see others.

I was not able to find anything in the mainstream dental journals about the pinhole surgical technique for gum grafting. The American Dental Association's website doesn't have any information about it either.

I have seen a lot of traditional gum grafts that look really good. Those done with donor tissue are more a comfortable procedure than those that require tissue to be grafted from the roof of the mouth.

Most receding gums progress slowly so you can take some time and do your research. You may also want to consider another opinion to see if treatment is necessary and if so how urgent it is.

Traditional gum grafts cost around $800 per tooth. I read that the pin hole technique is similarly priced.

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