Over charged for a filling

by Edith

Last week I called to get an appointment with a dentist that I had never used before. I needed a filling for a tooth and asked about the price.I was told by the receptionist "about $280."I thought it was high but I could handle it, so I made the appointment. As I was leaving after the procedure, and I went to the desk to pay, I was told that the cost was $2,000 dollars, and that I could pay it in 3 payments. I was so shocked I did not complain. She asked me to pay one payment and leave two checks for the remaining amount, that would be cashed in the next two months.The only thing the dentist said as I was leaving was that I should not have waited so long to have the filling done and should have come in for check ups and cleaning etc. more often.I was too shocked to argue with her. Now I wonder if I should confront the dentist.What should I do now? I am a widow on a fixed income. I can not really afford to pay so much without making arrangements in advance.


Hi Edith, I'm so sorry to hear this. You should have been informed before the procedure. That is an exorbitant charge for a filling. I wonder if you had a root canal? Or a crown? That would make more sense but in any case you still should have been informed and had an opportunity to give your consent to treatment.

It is not too late to have a conversation with the dentist. Explain what your expectations were and how you felt blindsided by the cost. You can also post a review online if you don't get a satisfactory response from the dentist. Sadly that is sometimes the best way to get a problem resolved. The dental board and better business bureau are other options.

I'm sorry you have to deal with this issue. Thanks for writing and good luck.


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