overcharged and under informed by the dentist

I feel like Im being overcharged and under informed.

I had to have a root canal retreatment, so far the costs are
$100 entodontist referral, entodontist looked at my teeth gave me $1400 estimate
Feb 1, 2017
$770 the day he did retreatment, don't have breakdown.
Back to my dentist Feb 20
Bill from him
$777 estimate to insurance
$677 patient owes
There is no breakdown just says how much we owe
Just got my insurance explanation of benifits it reads:
D140 limited oral exam $75 amount allowed $42 patient owes $33
D0220 xray periapical first $25 amount allowed $22 patient owes $10
D2740 Crown - porcelain/ceramic $1100 amount allowed $736 patient $732
D2950 core build up $254 amount allowed $153 patient owes $177.5
Now mind you I said I have my crown from the previous root canal, he said oh it's okay they didnt need it????? Also when they started building the tooth back up the pain from whatever they shoved in my gums (which they said my gums were tight) was pretty bad. Said prior it wouldn't be that bad but he could give me another shot which would be more painful. I highly doubt that from the amount of pain I went through, and I get botox and juvederm with ease.
I still have to go back for them to put the new crown on.
March 5 today still havent gotten my call to get my crown on?? And no one even drained my infection which seems to be going away at least. Youd think I would have gotten a teeth cleaning or something. My gut is knawing at me with this dentist. Im not from this state and Im not the one paying. My boyfriend who is their patient is and I feel like they don't really feel the need to explain anything to me.

I'm sorry you have not been better informed. Most dentists would tell you upfront what the charges are and estimate what your insurance will pay. Also the treatment should be explained.

Don't hesitate to ask if you still need an explanation. I'm glad to hear your infection is healing and hope you will soon be finished with your treatment.

Thanks for writing,

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