Pain after extraction

by Faye

Hi, I had a lower back tooth out on Saturday (today is Tuesday). I am still in pain!

How it started-A few weeks ago, I initially had an infection so was put on two lots of antibiotics which helped after a couple of days. Because I have a fear of the dentist I didn't go back for the tooth extraction as soon as I should ( I left it about another two weeks). Obviously, by this time the infection had returned along with an abscess!!! Another two lots of antibiotics, and I was booked in for the extraction after the five days of tablets!
That was 3 and a half days ago now, I am still in pain. My jaw is swollen (but is less so than it was) and is a little sore to touch (which I am obviously avoiding doing- apart from when I was putting my jumper on yesterday morning and punched myself 👊👊👊).
I am less reliant on paracetamol etc and not using as offen as I was but still needing it at times nevertheless. This is probably about week 5 /6 of pain and not sure I can take much more of it ( I am not a regular at a doctors/dentists for problems - touch wood - so not normally a moaner of pain or feeling ill ). To make matters worse I have been reading up on extractions including dry socket (biggest mistake ever- warning---do not press images!!!!!) although I do not believe I have dry socket, the extraction site has the white fleshy stuff over it apart from the edges which are a little red. The one remaining tooth beyond the tooth taken out is feeling a little sore ( almost like the infection pain from all those weeks ago) Is it possible that both teeth may have needed to come out but the remaining tooth was left unnoticed??? ( the tooth taken out was broken, the tooth left is not )
It's hard to know how much pain is normal and how long for??? I suppose I am just looking for some reassurance rather than going back to the dentist ( which would be my 4th visit in nearly as many weeks- not good going for a dentistphob!!!! )
Is the fleshy white stuff normal too?
I hope for some answers, please anyone???


Hi Faye, I'm glad you were brave and got the tooth extracted. You will feel better without it. It sounds like you are healing but if you have concerns don't hesitate to call your dentist. They can answer your questions more accurately since they know more about your case. Asking questions is painless and free and its so much better than worrying.

Wishing you a speedy recovery,

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