Pain after having a root canal and a filling

My dentist overfilled my tooth, he wanted to put a post. But my endodontist only recommended just a filling.

Now I am on antibiotics and taking ibuprofen. My endodontist is going to see me and take out and clean the tooth and refill it. She said that I might have to get it extracted.

I do not want to lose my tooth, what are my options? Please help me

Thank you,


Hi Sharon, I'm so sorry you are having trouble with your tooth It is frustrating after having 2 procedures already.

I don't know much about your particular situation so wouldn't attempt to advise you but will give you some food for thought:

I imagine your endodontist thinks there is a good chance of the re-treatment being successful. I hope she has had this discussion with you and let you know how likely it is to work.

Having a root canal re-done is no fun and is expensive. If she thinks it is not likely to work you may want to consider having an implant instead. Implants are also expensive but the money you would save on a root canal re-treatment would cover about half the cost of an implant.

You should also consider the longevity of your tooth after the re-treatment even if it is successful. As a general rule, the more treatment a tooth has, the more likely it is to eventually need more treatment or be lost. This is only a general rule and shouldn't keep you from treating dental problems but should be considered when the proposed treatment is expensive and may not be successful.

Implants have changed the way dentists think about some types of treatment. Expensive endodontic procedures that may or may not be successful, and some periodontal procedures are not as widely recommended as they were in the past. Dentists and patients are choosing implants as the treatment of choice in some situations like yours where the outcome is unsure.

There is a lot to weigh...the cost of treatment and likelihood of success combined with the desire to save your natural teeth.

I should add that I have personally had a root canal re-treatment and it worked very well. I'm with you on not wanting to lose a tooth but be assured that there are worse things and implants are a great way to replace it if necessary.

A second opinion never hurts if you feel unsure.

wishing you the best,

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