pain after two weeks bridge was installed

by Maurizio
(Natick, MA, USA)

I had a permanent bridge installed on 29-31 missing 30 on January 4th. It was more or less Ok for a couple of weeks, but I now feel a dull pain in the gum area, and I "naturally" chew on the left since eating crackers, apples or anything of that consistency causes a diffused, pain. My question is this: I fear that in my overzealous attempt to keep the area clean, I may have inflamed it. Is it possible?

I used water pick, thread/needle floss, little thin brushes…… before returning to see the dentist who's a pain in the neck I would like an opinion on the likelihood that one can inflame the bridge-area. Is it at all normal to feel pain after three weeks and not right away?


I do think it is possible to inflame the gum tissue with overly aggressive cleaning. You could give it some time to heal before going in to have it checked especially considering your dentist in a pain in the neck.... So sorry about that:(

If one of the cleaning methods (the little brushes and the floss threader) hurts your gums quit doing it for a few days. Im guessing the WaterPik doesn't hurt (if it does you can usually adjust the pressure to low). You should be able to tell if it is improving after a few days.

Don't hesitate to go in to have it checked if it doesn't improve or you are not sure. There may be something that needs adjusting or some extra cement that needs to be cleaned off. Either is easy to fix and could make the area sensitive.

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