Pine Stree Dental In Kingston, New York - iDental Discount Plan by United Concordia

by Barbara Adrienne Rosen
(West Hurley, New York)

Pine Street Dental in Kingston, New York with about 7 dentists is supposed to take United Concordia but I cannot find the office in its directory. Is an individual doctor in that office on the plan?

Is Dr. Hilmi, an oral surgeon in Kingston is listed. Is he really on a Dental Savings plan.

What are the pros and cons of PPO Dental plans and dental insurance. I've been with Delta Dental through AARP but they're getting pricey.

Hi Barbara, I can't help you with specific questions about your insurance plan. You should call either the dentist or your insurance provider.

PPO plans offer lower fees because dentists agree to a lower fee schedule. PPO plans are typically better than DMO or HMO plans and tend to be less out of pocket compared to traditional indemnity plans.

You need to be sure to ask if your dentist is in network for PPO plans because out of network dentists will cost more.

This page gives a good overview of different insurance plans.

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