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Use Prevident 5000
To Prevent Tooth Decay and Improve Tooth Sensitivity

Prevident 5000 is one of my favorite dental products. The extra fluoride in this product strengthens enamel AND decreases tooth sensitivity.  

I love it when one product can be used to fix two problems.

This product  works because it has more fluoride than over the counter toothpastes.

The most obvious use is to prevent cavities.  If you want to get fewer cavities using Prevident will help.

Beyond the obvious, I recommend this product for these scenarios.

Dry mouth

Because of our aging population and an increase in the need for prescription and OTC medications, many adults have a decreased amount of saliva.

Saliva is needed to buffer acids that cause tooth decay.

Dry mouth is not only annoying and uncomfortable, it also make getting cavities more likely.  

Learn how to improve a dry mouth here.

Tooth sensitivity

prevident 5000

Sometimes tooth sensitivity can be an indication of a dental condition that needs treatment other times it is due to exposed root surfaces and receding gums...no treatment necessary. 

Prevident will eventually decrease sensitivity and improve cavity resistance of these vulnerable and sometimes extra sensitive tooth surfaces.

Compromised health

For dental clients who are experiencing or anticipating compromised immunity due to chemotherapy, radiation, or illness, this product helps to prevent dental sensitivity and tooth decay.

Many who are receiving cancer treatment have compromised immunity, a dry mouth, and may be too tired for their usual brushing and flossing routine.

They are at a much higher risk for developing one or a few cavities.


To get the maximum benefit from this product, use it before bedtime. Place a small amount on your toothbrush and brush thoroughly. Spit the excess gel out, but don't drink or rinse with water for 20 minutes. The small amount that remains, will continue to work after you are finished brushing.

Prevident toothpaste does not need to be used exclusively. Using it every night or several times each week will be enough to benefit from this product. Use an ADA approved toothpaste for morning and any other time you brush.

Colgate Prevident 5000 has 1.1% sodium fluoride. Almost 5 times as much as most toothpastes.

There is a lot of concern about fluoride these days and it pays to be informed.  Click here for more about Fluoride. 

For cavity prevention, don't forget...

Brushing tips

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