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Why Proper Flossing Shouldn't Hurt

In this article:  How to floss video  and  4 stepts to easy flossing

proper flossing

Proper flossing illustrations are hard to find.  Images like this one are common.  Floss models look great but are not going to do much for their teeth or gums and could hurt themselves using a long piece of floss tilted at such angles.

Unfortunately, this flossing method will do more harm than good.

Flossing this way will be frustrating and ineffective.  You may even cut your lip or gums.  It is impossible to control where your floss goes with this method.

Try this...

This video made by Dental Demensions is the best example of proper flossing that I have seen.


4 Steps  to make flossing easier

1. Wrap or wind the excess floss around your middle fingers

  Many instructions show it wrapped around the index fingers but this is the wrong way.  If wound around the index fingers, floss will get tighter and tighter as you floss and you won't have good control.  Using your middle fingers keeps the index fingers and thumbs free to control where the floss goes and prevents the floss from cutting off your circulation.

2. Start with your front teeth

They are easier to reach and you can check your form in the mirror.  Floss your front teeth upper and lower for a few days and then gradually add the back teeth.  If you haven't flossed before, your gums will be sore after the first time or two.  This method will keep your whole mouth from being sore at once.

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3.   Use your index fingers to reach the back teeth

It is impossible and unpleasant to have both thumbs and both index fingers in your mouth.  Use just your index fingers to guide the floss between your molars and premolars.  Be patient it takes a little practice but it doesn't take long to become skilled at controlling your floss with just these two fingers.

4. Swish with some Listerine after flossing

  It will kill bacteria and minimize gum tenderness.

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