Remedy for Translucent Front Teeth

by Anne

Is it possible to remedy translucency on front teeth? If so, how?


Hi Anne, It depends on the cause of the translucency.

Cavities between front teeth sometimes create a shadow that is more translucent than usual. Cavities should be treated.

Sometimes teeth are worn thin because of the way they fit together...the occlusion. These teeth may need to be crowned to improve their appearance.

Some translucency is a result of acids that have weakened the enamel over time. Acids can be dietary...excessive citrus, acid beverages such as coffee, tea and sodas. Acidic beverages can be more damaging to tooth enamel because they are consumed more slowly and keep the saliva constantly more acidic than it should be.

Another cause of translucent teeth is acid reflux or bulimia. Both create an extreme acid attack on your teeth and can cause damage over time.

There are some products that are made to repair acidic damage. Synsodyne Pronamel and Synsodyne Repair and Protect are 2.

Fluoride can also strengthen weakened enamel and may result in a less translucent appearance.

These products are for teeth that are otherwise healthy and don't need dental treatment.

I would recommend that you see a dentist to determine if treatment is needed for your particular case.

Thanks for writing,

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