Replace 16 natural crowns at once

by Marko

Hi, I have had grinding issues since I was a kid and now I'm 33. My front teeth have got an "angle" now when looking from the front, and don't look terrific, plus another day I finally lost completely my top right incisor and have had an implant - now waiting for 4 months before I get the crown there.

But my overbite is also extremely deep - my top teeth practically reach the gums of my lower teeth. So this is also coming from massive grinding molars have been exposed to day&night since I was a kid. I lost 3 molars already, I forgot to say that. Most of my still healthy teeth have fillings and some of them nerves extracted.

Anyway that's my current state.

So another day I was talking to my dentist, and proposed to have almost ALL of my molars - say 16 - cut down the crowns and replace them with porcelain, but also to make them bigger so my overbite gets better/higher.

This would protect my front teeth from further deterioration and enhance esthetics as well as my face and smile has already slightly shrunk due to shortening made to molars by grinding.

At the same time we would make bridges at the places of my three lost molars - three bridges. At least this is the idea and my dentist thinks it's good. He thinks we can have everything happen within 7-10 days if we go real fast, i.e. have my molars ground for 2 days for a dozen hours or whatever etc. I feel this is too harsh, but he thinks that's necessary if were going for all of them.

He even thinks I should do it to my front teeth, but maybe not at the same time, which I don't like as most of them are still mine, although quite shortened.

Also, what's the feeling like when none of your molars are natural? Is it too solid and non-elastic? Too weird? Should I count that I need to keep replacing all my crowns every 10-15 years from now on? Do all the tv-stars go through this?

So many questions.


Hi Marko, It's no surprise that you have so many questions. I have a few as well.

First your questions:

It is not unheard of to crown 16 teeth at once but it is considered major reconstructive treatment so you should explore all options and make an informed decision.

I would want to know how many times your dentist has treated cases like yours and what was the outcome? You could ask for references so you can learn first hand what to expect.

Crowns most often feel very natural and not stiff at all, but with a major change in the way your teeth fit together it may take some getting used to.

Crowns can last a lifetime but don't always. How long they last depends on how well they were made and how well you care for them. You can still get a cavity if you have a crown and you can still get a tooth abscess or gum disease.

Many of the TV stars have veneers put on their teeth. Veneers change the color, shape or size of teeth and only cover the front of the tooth. Veneers may be an option for your front teeth vs full crowns.

Now my questions:

I don't know how much of your molars you have worn away but I wonder if you are a candidate for orthodontic braces? At age 33 you are not too old. If you are a candidate, realigning your teeth to correct your overbite may be a better solution. It would depend on how much molar tooth structure you have left.

Ideally, for treatment this major, you should get more opinions, from orthodontists and/or general dentists.

Lastly, have you addressed your tooth-grinding issue? If not you should have a guard made to protect your teeth from further wear. Even if your teeth are all crowned a night-guard is recommended to protect your teeth, gums and jaw joint. If you are having new crowns made or orthodontic treatment you should have a guard made after your treatment is complete.

Thanks for writing,

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Feb 04, 2016
Thank you thank you
by: Marko

Thank you thank you thank you thank you <3

Feb 03, 2016
by: Marko

Just one more question Shelly please. Do you think it's reasonable to do everything in a short time period like he suggested? He said he would grimd all those teeth for like 2x4 hours in one day, with a break in between, or in two days if I like, and then in the next 7 days or lessvtake the mold, etc and have everything finished? I'm just worried he wants to do that cause he knows i am low with time and perhaps wants to do me a favour, but if that's too shocking to my health I would go more slowly and find the time if necessary. How is it usually done? Your advices are priceless to me, I am so very grateful!


Oh no problem. It is fine to do it all in one day. You could actually get a better result that way. When the dentist and the lab don't have to work around existing teeth they can make the new ones fit together in the most ideal position. It is not unusual to prep large cases like this in one day.

But, you should ask him directly what time frame will give you the best result. That is what's important.


Feb 01, 2016
Thanks for your response
by: Marko

Thank you very much for responding. This is my first hit on a page like this and already I feel I didn't have to go any further. I did get night protection, and my dentist even molded a day protection, in which there's a tooth-like little thing that makes it look like I have a tooth at the place where mine has been extracted and waiting for the implant to heal with the bone. Thanks for that advice anyway, but I'm having it on my teeth right now, at the moment of writing.
I am not sure what exactly you mean by braces and alignment. I don't think that can fix my overbite problem, only maybe the general look of my front teeth, but I doubt even that because they have also been ground as you may see on pictures. But the main aesthetic problem is when I smile my lips are closer together then they should, and I think it affected my whole face as well (something like and besides aesthetics I think my front teeth are deteriorating faster and faster because I'm hitting one's against the others more than necessary due to my back teeth (molars) being to close together. But I will definitely try to seek more advices from a dentist in London, as definitely this kind of thing needs to be looked at directly and then given an opinion. I think my dentist is very good, he's doing his PhD now in stomatology, but he's also got only some 5 years of work experience that he's doing in parallel with his studies, so I'm not sure how many cases like mine he had. If you have a recommendation for a doctor in London, I'd gladly visit them. Thanks for your thoughts, you're wonderful


Hi Marko, You're very welcome. You are correct that orthodontic braces won't be an option if there is to much wear on your molars. It was just a thought in case it might be possible but it may not be if you don't have enough healthy tooth structure.

I think you are wise to get the work done once you feel confident about the treatment plan and have all your questions answered. Don't hesitate to ask your dentist any questions that come to mind. The more you know the better. This is a big investment of time and money but if all goes as planned will be a big improvement in both your function and appearance. You are too young to be dissatisfied with your smile.

Also good to know you are wearing a guard...that's great.

Sorry I don't know any dentists in London.


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