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Is it possible to reverse receding gums?

Nicole's question

My gum is rising above my tooth what is it?

I have a tooth that grew above where its suppose to be and now my gum is rising up....my dentist told me it was because of my lip ring but I've had it out for over two months and it's gotten worse. 

Is it gum disease?

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My reply

Hi Nicole, Receding gums is a condition that can be caused by a variety of things but usually is not periodontal (gum) disease.

Receding gums are a gum problem that occur because of mechanical forces.  Gum disease occurs mainly because of your body's response to bacteria - inflammation.   

Brushing too hard, clenching or grinding your teeth, or teeth that are not in the proper alignment are a few causes of receding gums. 

Your situation may be more difficult because your tooth came in out of position and it could be hard to clean the gum line or the tooth could be carrying too much or an uneven biting force.   

The lip ring combined with these other causes could make recession worse. 

Receding gums don't grow back but you can stop the problem from progressing once you know the causes.  Gum tissue can be replaced by a gum specialist.

Having your teeth straightened is good for the appearance, health and function of your teeth.

Adjusting the way you brush may be helpful or wearing a night guard to prevent damage from clenching and grinding are two possible solutions.

Ask your dentist to advise you on this.

Receding gums can be repaired with a gum tissue graft or tooth colored filling.   Gum grafts or tooth colored filling improved tooth sensitivity and appearance.

Mild to moderate receded gums that are not sensitive don't require any treatment.

Read more about gum grafting here.

Thanks for writing and good luck,

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