Root Canal Cost and Other Considerations

How much does a root canal cost?

Depending on the tooth, the cost can be anywhere from $500 to $1500.

A lot of money.

But, compared to the cost of replacing a tooth or the pain of a toothache, worth every penny.

Fortunately, root canals are  partially covered by most dental insurance plans.

If your tooth hurts, cost may be the least of your worries...

root canal cost

Maybe you are wondering if you need a root canal.

Root canal symptoms should really be called abscessed tooth symptoms.  When you have an abscessed tooth, symptoms vary from none at all to a severe toothache and are not always reliable.

Symptoms include swelling, pain and the tooth overreacting to hot, cold, or pressure.

It is not unusual for healthy teeth to occasionally be sensitive to hot, cold, sweets or pressure.

However, teeth that need root canals overreact and don't recover quickly.

They continue to ache.

Teeth that need root canals can also start aching for no reason and sometimes hurt enough to wake you up at night.

Pain from abscessed teeth can come and go but over time becomes more severe and constant. Pain that stays constant or progressively gets worse should be evaluated by a dentist.


This procedure has come a long way and is highly successful, these days root canals can be done in one visit and problems after the procedure are less likely.

Root canal failure is possible but unusual.  When a root canal fails to solve the problem treatment may need to be repeated or an additional procedure is needed.

Some teeth eventually have to be removed and replaced with a tooth implant.


Recovery usually takes some time. Your tooth will still feel sore after the treatment but shouldn't hurt the way it did before.

As the swelling around the tooth goes down, you should notice steady improvement as surrounding tissue and bone heal.

Does a root canal hurt?

Because you are numb, root canals don't hurt more than any other dental procedure.

The pain caused by an abscessed tooth is what many associate with a root canal.

Having a root canal provides gradual relief for this severe pain.

Other considerations

When considering root canal costs, it is important to remember that molars and premolars require a dental crown after having a root canal.

After having a root canal, teeth are more prone to breaking. A crown strenghthens and protects the tooth.

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