root canal re-treatment

by odhrain

Hi there
I bit on a carrot about 8 weeks ago and it has ended up a trauma. The teeth involved are the UL4 and UL5.
The dentist ended up going into UL4 3 times, 1 filling and 2 root canals. In the end I went to a specialist who redid the root canal.

The UL5 had previously been re-rooted twice and I got a few yrs out of it. The specialist redid it by going through the crown, today 2 weeks later it is very sensitive when I push on it and I feel like my sinuses are flared up. My jaw seemed inflamed to me.

I suffer from extreme TMJ so though the tooth needs to be rebuilt, I was thinking of getting it pulled as I don't have the energy to be bothered with it any more.

I am due to see my dentist tomorrow to have a measurement for a brace but I was thinking of saying to her just pull the tooth?

any thought welcome



Hi there, It sounds like you have been through a lot. I'm so sorry the tooth isn't feeling great. I know you are tired of dealing with the UL but you may want to see the endodontist before you decide to have it removed. You've invested so much time and money already...what's one more appointment.

I have no idea why it is still hurting but there may be a simple solution or it could just need more time to heal. Seems worth another visit to find out. There shouldn't be a charge for follow-up care.

I hope you feel better soon,

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